How to get an MR or HR Truck Licence in Brisbane & Queensland

There are three main licenses most people are looking for, Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid restricted (HR B) or Heavy Rigid unrestricted (HR).

To apply for a MR license the applicant must have held an open or provisional car license for at least one year. To apply for a HR wether open or restricted the applicant must have held an open or provisional car license for at least two years.

The MR and HRB classes require less training hours and therefore are the cheapest options. On average the applicant will require four lessons of training for these classes.

The unrestricted HR is without doubt the best license to apply for; this license will allow the applicant no restrictions on the gear box and allows you to drive any rigid truck regardless of amount of axels. With all licenses the applicant is permitted to tow a trailer providing it is not exceeding 9Tonne GVM. Average amount of lessons required to achieve competency is eight.

There are two Queensland Transport fee’s associated with each license class these are a booking fee and the written test.  The booking fee $52.45 is a charge from the government to supply a driving examiner to accompany you on the driving test. This fee is a one use fee, if you fail the driving exam or cancel without giving Queensland Transport 48 hours notice this fee will be forfeited.

Current Licence Class

Current licence class Minimum length of time Next higher licence class
C at least 1 year RE
RE at least 1 year R
C at least 1 year LR or MR
C at least 2 years HR
LR or MR at least 1 year HR
MR or HR at least 1 year HC
HR or HC at least 1 year MC

Minimum heavy vehicle test standards

Licence class Vehicle requirement
LR (light rigid) A bus or truck more than 4.5 t GVM but not more than 8 tonne GVM.
MR (medium rigid) A bus or truck more than 8 t GVM, with not more than two axles.
HR (heavy rigid) A bus or a truck more than 15 t GVM, with at least three axles.
Note: the test cannot be taken in a bobtail prime mover.
HC (heavy combination) A prime mover more than 15 t GVM with at least three axles andsemi-trailer with at least two axles. A truck more than 15 t GVMwith at least three axles and trailer more than 9 t GVM with atleast two axles.


A vehicle of more than 12 t GVM must carry at least 3 portable warning triangles for the test.

On-road driving test times

The on-road driving test times for the different heavy vehicle licence classes are:

  • LR – 25 to 35 minutes
  • MR and HR – 60 to 70 minutes