MR (B) ONE DAY COURSE $750 includes 4 hours of training and use of truck for exam (excludes TMR charges)

Medium Rigid Licences Made Easy In Brisbane

Successfully obtaining your Medium Rigid licence can broaden your career prospects in ways you may never have considered. From driving delivery trucks around town to driving buses throughout the streets of Brisbane, it allows you to operate medium weight vehicles more than 8 t GVM, with no more than two axles.

KMS Driving School is one of Queensland’s premier truck driver training schools, helping people earn their MR or HR truck licence.

Get behind the wheel of a quality truck for your MR licence training

For your medium rigid truck licence training sessions, we use a 2022 Isuzu FRD truck. This training vehicle has a liftable lazy axle which we keep lifted on your MR truck licence test day. The Isuzu has a six-speed Allison Automatic gearbox, meaning transitioning from a car to a larger vehicle is easier due to similar transmission. Our focus is your safety and comfort, we want to make it simple to step form a sedan to a truck. KMS staff are attentive and focused on your needs, altering lessons to suit you and your goals and ability.

With the truck being a little over eight metres long and 2.5 metres wide, you are assured of learning in a vehicle much like other common MR/HR (B) trucks thus giving you a true feel for the vehicle. The vehicles we choose to teach during our Medium Rigid licence training sessions in are common and every day, giving you a level of confidence when you step into your new career.

Why choose KMS for your MR licence in Brisbane & beyond?

KMS Driving School is one of the most renowned providers of first class driving training in Queensland. When you choose us you can expect the following:

Quality instructors: KMS Brisbane uses a thorough screening process to ensure that we only enlist the best instructors. This is to both ensure your safety on the road and, of course, to provide the very best training. Therefore, one of the first things you notice when you choose us for your program is how experienced and helpful our instructors are. They will ensure that you receive the best training in the safest environment.

Comprehensive program: We provide the most comprehensive training in Brisbane and beyond. This is because we truly believe in the importance of facilitating safe, highly competent drivers on our roads. Therefore, when you choose us you can expect to receive the highest educational standard possible. We cover all bases to ensure that you are fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to safely and efficiently handle the road.

We help you every step of the way

As experienced instructors, we understand that undertaking a test like this can be daunting. Therefore, we work to provide the most helpful educational program available, working to dispel any worries you might have about undertaking this new form of driving. We are here to ensure you become the very best driver whilst providing a fun and engaging environment to learn.

Equipping you with the skills for employment

This is one of the best forms of accreditation if you are looking to work in the transport industry. Obtaining this accreditation can create new career pathways and optimise your earning potential in ways that aren’t possible without such accreditation.

As such, we are proud to say that we will equip you with skills necessary to receive this accreditation. What’s more, we will ensure that you are fully prepared for your examination, including running you through each element of the exam that you can expect on the day.

Ready to learn from the very best in Queensland?

So, are you ready to commence your journey towards obtaining a full medium rigid truck licence with our Brisbane driving school? If so, all you have to do is contact our friendly team. With a pass rate greater than 95% we are one of Brisbane’s most successful MR licence schools, assessing your skill level and tailoring your training lessons to suit your needs. Enquire about KMS Driving School today – call us on (07) 3356 8373 or fill in the ‘speedy response’ enquiry form online.