Why a one day truck licence/driving course is a bad idea

One day courses should only be undertaken by people who have had substantial prior experience in trucks. While a one day course appears to be a great idea on paper in reality there are many pitfalls that other driving school neglect to inform potential clients.

With most companies they will offer either a four or five hour package deal, this involves driving the truck for four or five hours straight, or in some cases the driving instructor will pull up at a coffee shop around half way through and have a ½ hour break (which is part of your lesson time). Not only are you trying to lean a new skill in mastering a heavy vehicle you are also attempting to “undo” all you bad car habits like riding the clutch and palming the wheel etc. By now you are physically and mentally tired by the end of your lessons (which would be the equivalent of driving nearly to Bundaberg from Brisbane!) next you will need to pull out your best drive in front of the examiner for an hour’s driving test.

One day courses for people who haven’t driven a heavy vehicle before run between a 90-95% FAIL rate!

The above reasons are why we don’t recommend one day courses to people who haven’t had experience. At Kms Driving School we run between a 90-95% PASS RATE!

Our preferred teaching methods are to have a maximum of two hour lessons on separate days. We find that this allows our students to have the opportunity to correct any bad habits like poor steering control, incorrect indication and riding the clutch (to name only a few) in their own vehicle and to also have the skills that were taught to settle into their mind prior to have the next session.

Other driving schools who offer HR truck license in a day or MR truck license in a day also utilize automatic trucks; these trucks obviously offer the applicant no experience in driving a manual truck gear box. While on the surface this to the average punter wouldn’t be a big deal however the difference between driving a manual gear box in a car and a truck manual gear box is light years different. The principal is obviously the same, push the clutch in and move the gear stick to the next gear however untold damage is inflicted due to applicants changing the gear box too fast and not allowing the synchromesh rings to do their work.

We have had countless students come to KMS Driving School after passing their test in an auto gear box to get experience in a manual truck thus costing those students more money overall than what it would have if they had of come to us first!