What do I need to study for a truck licence in Brisbane?

To be honest there isn’t a lot of study one can do to help with learning “how to drive a truck” however if you are looking to apply for the HR open license where the Road Ranger gear box is utilized then video sharing web sites like You-Tube are a valuable asset in preparing yourself for the task ahead. There are numerous videos that will show the applicant how to “double the clutch” prior to their first lesson.

The theory or written test information can be found on Queensland Transports web site you can practice the sample questions here. https://www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/practiceroadrulestest

The questions asked on this practice test are the same questions that you will be asked when completing the test at any Queensland Transport customer service centre. You will be asked 10 multi choice questions where you must achieve eight correct to pass the exam.