Where can I get a truck license in Brisbane?

We utilize an industrial estate at Eagle Farm for our training, while this is not a traffic free area it is very low traffic flow area which allows our students to get a great feel for our trucks without the stress of other road users being around. We spend the first couple of hours of training driving around the industrial area before we take you out in the traffic. Once the student is feeling comfortable in this area we then migrate you into the light traffic by taking students up to Pinkenba where we can get up to an 80 Km/H speed zone. After that we will take you down to Nudgee beach then Sandgate Rd and integrate the applicant into main stream traffic etc. After that then we find the hills and teach the student methods of changing gears up and down on hills.

On the day of the driving exam we utilize Zillmere transport centre. Zillmere is a great area for truck testing with wide free flowing main roads and good traffic flow allowing area. If the customer wishes to use Cleveland or Wynnum test centre there will be an additional charge for the gateway bridge and travelling time please call for a price.