HR (B) ONE DAY COURSE $800 includes 4 hours of training and use of truck for exam
(excludes TMR charges)

HR (OPEN) $1340 includes 9 hours of training and use of truck for exam
(excludes TMR charges)

Brisbane’s Smartest Way To Get A Heavy Rigid Truck Licence


Grow your career opportunities with a Heavy Rigid truck licence training. The Heavy Rigid category has two types of licence training: unrestricted and restricted. The difference between the two is the gearbox.

The HR unrestricted truck licence is a road ranger or a non-synchromesh gear box. This transmission requires the driver to “double the clutch” for all up changes and down changes. While this at first would appear to be an easy method in reality it takes good co-ordination and practice to master the change accurately.

When you complete your HR truck licence training in the road ranger gear box you will receive an unrestricted licence. This which allows the applicant to drive any truck. This HR licence is ideal due to its non-restrictive nature.

The HR (B) or restricted licence allows the licence holder to only drive automatic or synchromesh transmissions and not the road ranger type. The method of gear change with this transmission is the same as your motor car meaning that only one depression of the clutch is necessary to complete the gear change.


Heavy Rigid truck licence information

Students looking to attain their Heavy Rigid open or Heavy Rigid restricted (B) licence will learn with a qualified instructor in either a Isuzu FRD for their HR(B) licence, or a Isuzu FZV tipper for the open HR category. Whichever licence option you choose, you will be well equipped to safely and confidently drive the streets of Brisbane and Australia.

KMS Driving School utilises the unique Isuzu FRD truck with a liftable lazy axle. On your HR(B) truck licence test day we keep the lazy axle lowered which achieves a HR with a synchromesh restriction (B). The Isuzu has the latest Allison 6 speed automatic gear box, making earning a HR restricted (B) truck licence easier with KMS than with other Brisbane truck schools that use eight- and ten-speed manual gear boxes.

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Brisbane


Going for your HR truck licence in Brisbane? Meet our fleet

Our HR unrestricted vehicle is an Isuzu FVZ tip truck; this vehicle has an eight-speed road ranger gear box fitted. The eight speed is the smallest gear box manufactured by Eaton Fuller and therefore the easiest to master due to a much easier gear pattern and smaller number of gears needing to be changed during the driving test.

Our Heavy Rigid (B) truck is an 2022 Isuzu FRD with a flat-bed tray fitted. This truck has a modern six speed Allison automatic transmission. Isuzu trucks are renowned for their low down torque engines which means smoother engine performance and therefore increases the driveability of the vehicle.

As with our Medium Rigid training, both of our practice trucks are commonly found on Brisbane roads. We don’t use shortened modified or automatic vehicles like some other schools. KMS feels it’s necessary for you to not only learn how to drive well enough to pass your Heavy Rigid truck licence training test, but to learn in a common vehicle found on our roads. You will most likely be driving in your new carrier as a heavy vehicle truck driver in no time with KMS Driving School.

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